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We are a plastics recycling company based in Solon, Ohio. We specialize in recycling plastic scrap.


"Our company has been working with BDB Recycling for a couple years now and we can't be happier with their services all the way around. From customer service , which is top notch , to the recycling process of our material has been flawless. I highly recommend the BDB Recycling team. I look forward to many more years of exceptional service."

Mike V.

"We can always rely on BDB Recycling Services on the quality of their Mix Color LDPE Repro. Always consistent. Runs at a very high level"

Harold T.

"Wraptite has partnered with BDB Recycling to recycle all its industrial plastic scrap and cores.

BDB Recycling does a great job in taking care of all the plastic scrap, recycling it into resin which can be further used for different end-use plastic applications, helping us create a circular economy in our quest towards a sustainable and green planet."


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